Auction House June 7, 2021

Sotheby’s Teams Up With Accidentally Wes Anderson To Celebrate Luxury Week

Handbags, jewels, watches, wine, sneakers and more – Sotheby’s Luxury Week is here again. Joining us to celebrate the New York auction series is Wally Koval, founder and creative force behind Accidentally Wes Anderson (AWA) (@accidentallywesanderson).

On Instagram and in print (Accidentally Wes Anderson, the book, published in October 2020 with a forward from the director himself), Koval and the AWA team discover the architecture and design reminiscent of the American director’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic. For Luxury Week, Koval embarked on a campaign called Hidden Wonders, in which he delves into the artists, ingenuity and histories behind an array of fantastic luxury items on offer from Sotheby’s.


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