Auction House January 7, 2022

Sotheby’s | A Commanding Egyptian Figure Standing Tall And Striding Forward

In 1920, at the necropolis of Giza, American archeologist George Andrew Reisner discovered this historical Egyptian KA statue. The statue came from a tomb located in the Great Western Cemetery beside the Pyramid of Khufu belonging to a man named Weri and his wife Meti dating to the Fifth Dynasty.

The statues served a purpose as a home for the spirit in case anything might happen to the mummy. For this reason an individual might have multiple images of him or herself, and usually depicted as young and vigorous, striding forward in a pose typical of the period. Sotheby’s is thrilled for the opportunity to offer this iconic provenance at their Master Paintings & Sculpture Part I auction on January, 27 2022.


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