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Open House | A Luxury Home With Eco-Friendly Features

There are plenty of reasons why having an eco-conscious luxury home is highly attractive to the modern homebuyer: sustainable living is good for the planet and promotes healthier lifestyles, of course, but eco-friendly design is also often delightfully innovative.

This incredible Sakas Parish home in Western Latvia is a perfect example of luxury living harmonized with environmentally-considered design. Situated on over an acre of secluded land next to the Baltic Sea, the three-bedroom and three-bathroom home has been designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. The impressive architectural features—like ceramic roofing and reclaimed brick siding—are standout details, but it’s the home’s distinctive eco-friendly elements that truly elevate this property.

Natural Finishes

Sakas Parish, Latvia | Ilze MazurenkoLatvia Sotheby’s International Realty

Drawing inspiration from the densely-forested natural landscape surrounding the home, the interiors have been outfitted with gorgeous wood finishes at every turn. In the spacious living room, soaring vaulted ceilings are emphasized by the beam-encased, wall-to-wall windows, while the kitchen boasts rich natural cabinetry and countertops. The emphasis on organic materials continues through the rest of the home, with cool ceramic flooring and an elegant floating wood staircase that leads to the second-floor bedrooms. The furnishings also make ample use of wood and other natural materials, from the versatile pieces in the solarium, to the bed frame in the primary bedroom, which has been crafted from a very old and exclusive black-oak wood.

Smart Technology

It’s now considered par for the course that modern luxury homes be outfitted with the latest appliances, electronics, and even security systems, but automation is the ultimate eco-friendly enhancement. Equipped with Teletask, a high-tech automation system, elements of the home such as lighting, heating and cooling, and television and internet, can be controlled conveniently with a click. Remote property management not only provides security and peace of mind, but makes it easy to conserve energy when the home is unoccupied.

Inspiring Illumination

The attractive rural location of this property makes it a perfect getaway for reconnecting with nature, and eco-friendly LED lighting—which is more durable, longer-lasting, and considerably more energy-efficient than other light types—allows for safe adventuring and exploration of the grounds at any time. Retreat to the large pond for tranquility, or simply follow the well-lit path from the home, stroll along the wooden boardwalk, and take a seat on the viewing platform to enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea, even in the dark of night.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Cooling the house naturally is a breeze with easy-to-open, energy-efficient VELUX windows, as is maintaining heat or air conditioning temperatures. Upstairs, windows can transform into balconies to maximize natural light, fresh air, and ventilation throughout the home, not to mention provide an excellent vantage point for views of the property and water. The spacious aluminum solarium is a prime spot for basking in the sun, dining and entertaining in any season, and for tending to a year-round interior garden. Since solariums are warmed naturally by the sun, this space can also help circulate heat through the rest of the home, conserving energy through the winter months.

In addition to housing plants in the sunroom, the abundance of land—along with the possibility for expansion by purchasing the neighboring plot—makes the property ideal for ambitious green thumbs with a desire to cultivate a garden. Imagine enjoying sustainable, farm-to-table dining with produce grown right at home.

This exceptional Latvian home complements its natural surroundings with smart, eco-friendly design considerations and modern energy-efficient technology. Whether enjoyed as a vacation home for respite from the hustle and bustle or as a year-round residence, this green home is as appealing for its inspiring lifestyle as it is for its untouched, picturesque setting.


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