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6 Savvy Tips For Elevating Small Gatherings

Beverly Hills, California | Joseph CilicSotheby’s International Realty – Pacific Palisades Brokerage

Hosting the perfect gathering is an art form, and success often comes down to selecting the right food and beverages to serve, creating an unforgettable setting, and of course, curating the guestlist. While large-scale parties are certainly appealing for their grandeur and pomp, there’s an undeniable magic that only a small gathering can garner. As the holiday season approaches, keep these six tips top-of-mind to elevate the most intimate soirées.

Create Coziness Outdoors

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In milder climates, the appeal of hosting parties outdoors can extend all year round. If the weather is chilly, festivities on the terrace or in the backyard can be made possible with added heating fixtures or an outdoor fireplace, as seen in the manicured garden of this beautiful London, England estate. Simply provide guests advance notice of the outdoor dress code, and supply plenty of plush textiles, like blankets and cushions, for warmth. It’s the perfect setting for serving delicious warm beverages and getting cozy around the flickering flames.

Enhance Scenery with Proper Lighting

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Never underestimate the allure of the right lighting to create ambience for an event, especially when it helps illuminate a stunning backdrop. Take this spectacular Moscow penthouse, for example: elegant light fixtures make a statement themselves, but provide just enough light so that guests can enjoy one another’s company, without detracting from the glittering view of the metropolis below. Create ambience in any space with dimmed overhead lights, and introduce soft lighting with tea lights or candles in votives or on candelabras.

Offer Luxurious Indulgences

Rancho Santa Fe, California | Linda SansonePacific Sotheby’s International Realty

In addition to a wonderful setting, taste plays an important part in making a gathering memorable.  A specially selected bottle of wine can be a highlight of the evening—and even more so if there’s a designated place to enjoy them, such as the concrete vault wine tasting room in this exceptional Spanish manor in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Regardless of the type of party, serving thoughtful treats like an exotic dessert, a finely aged vintage, or rare cheese or caviar will be remembered fondly long after the night ends.

Provide Excellent Entertainment

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What better way to keep guests amused than with live entertainment? To add an element of sophistication, take advantage of the spaces available for showcasing talent, such as a music room like the one found in this Parisian home. Or, hire musicians that bring their own instruments, like a string or brass quartet, and consider other forms of entertainment like a magician or even a notable chef. Have a stately library, like the one found in this Beverly Hills, California property? Imagine how the space lends itself to hosting lively themed parties, or even an interactive Murder Mystery night.

Spark Creative Conversation

New York, New York | Allison B. Koffman & Juliette R. JanssensSotheby’s International Realty – East Side Manhattan Brokerage

A good party relies on ease of conversation, and artwork is a great conversation starter. Homes that feature a unique art collection, such as this contemporary Manhattan penthouse with a sleek gallery feel, can be an ideal setting for elevated cocktail parties. Little to no additional décor is necessary when the art speaks for itself, and guests can imbibe, taste hors d’oeuvres, and converse while pondering each piece.

Often a limited guestlist makes for the best parties, providing the host and attendees with quality time to connect with each other. With a little creativity, the evening can feel just as special and equally extravagant as a bustling event. Consider these savvy methods for turning your next small gathering into a truly remarkable soirée.


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