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Inspired By Travel | Bringing The Colors Of Iceland Home

Vancouver, British Columbia | Christa Frosch & Holly CalderwoodSotheby’s International Realty Canada

Picture Iceland. Does it conjure images of azure fjords, steely volcanoes, aquamarine hot springs, rolling green hills, and crisp white glaciers? It’s an esteemed travel destination with enticing scenery—and with such a particular and recognizable color scheme, it’s no surprise that Iceland’s enchanting landscapes also inspire home decor.

Similar in sensibility to Scandinavian and Japanese interior design, the Icelandic ethos is also rooted in nature, minimalism, and clean lines. At its core, color drives its design principles and hues are drawn from elements of nature itself, such as stone, wool, water, and flora. As highlighted in these four inspiring properties, there are simple ways to bring the colors of Iceland home to enjoy every day.

Modern Family Home, Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia | Marika AlksniteLatvia Sotheby’s International Realty

Icelandic-inspired design emphasizes a use of wood as homage to nature, which is exhibited wonderfully in this modern five-bedroom Latvian home situated on over eight private acres of impressive grounds. Sleek, warm wood walls and an elegant staircase complement the neutral paint selection—but the highlight of the space is the live plant wall, which brings nature inside with a fresh pop of green. If flora of this scale isn’t possible, one can always incorporate potted plants or fresh herbs throughout the home to bring the same invigorating effects indoors.

Modern Beachfront, Malibu, California

Malibu, California | Shen SchulzSotheby’s International Realty – Malibu Brokerage

Earthy elements reminiscent of Iceland abound in this luxurious four-bedroom Malibu smart home. At center stage are the custom contemporary wood ceilings throughout—a unique use of this natural material that is at once cozy and modern. These tones are complemented by an array of hues that harken to rugged landscapes: snow-white walls, charcoal and sky-blue textiles, and an impressive floor-to-ceiling jade-coloured panel of glass. And if this property’s interior isn’t enough to inspire awe, there’s also the expansive views of one of the most exclusive beaches in the world.

Alpine Living, British Columbia, Canada

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia | Dean InnesLogan Wilson, & Brayden KleinSotheby’s International Realty Canada

Located on picturesque Salt Spring Island just off Canada’s West Coast, this magnificent Zauberberg Ranch sits 1,100 feet above sea level with incredible mountain and Gulf Island vistas. The location is fit for a true nature lover: hiking through rolling meadows, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, mountain biking, skating, horseback riding, and foraging await on the home’s vast surrounding 71 acres. Indoors, wood accents and hardwood flooring, along with shades of cool Icelandic greys and deep blues, mirror the manor’s scenic surroundings. After days filled with outdoor exploration, the Finnish wood-stove sauna and cabana is an excellent spot for solitude and relaxation.

Oceanfront Views, California, United States

Pacific Palisades, California | Barbara BoyleSotheby’s International Realty – Pacific Palisades Brokerage

Sometimes something as simple as the perfect shade of paint has the power to evoke the feeling of an entire place. Take, for example, the astute fjord-blue walls in this five-bedroom, custom design Corona Del Mar home perched beside the Pacific Ocean with over 100 feet of frontage. The Icelandic color influence creates an immediate calmness, and impeccably complements the sunny outdoor views. A cool blue tone is especially ideal to help ground a bedroom, where setting the stage for tranquility and a clear mind is beneficial for a good night’s sleep.

With its breathtaking landscape, pristine glaciers, abundance of water, and spectacular streaks of the aurora borealis, Iceland can seem other-worldly. The scenery inspires awe, and a simultaneous calming effect from nature’s power. Capturing this essence in interior design can help create remarkable spaces—and with the right use of color and natural accents, anyone can experience a bit of Iceland at home.

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