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Upward Trends: Sky-High Luxury In 4 U.S. Venture Capital Hubs

The prevalence and prestige of venture capital is growing globally, yet the opportunity in the U.S. is still unique. Investment reached a record high in 2020, with $166.6 billion across 12,173 deals nationwide—but that record was utterly shattered just one year later, with 17,054 deals worth $329.6 billion. According to analysts, these upward trends could continue for some time.

While venture capital is gaining traction around the world, three quarters of all investment is concentrated in 24 global cities. Those cities include well-known innovation hubs such as San Francisco, which commands 36% of all venture capital investment in the U.S., as well as New York, which boasts 16%, and Boston, which has 10%. But there are also up-and-comers like Seattle, which had 0.6% in 2016, 1.4% in 2020, and 2.4% in 2021. That’s quite a meteoric ascent in terms of dollars spent, and it has market watchers talking.

So with San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Seattle attracting the world’s smartest entrepreneurs and savviest financiers, here are four incredible homes that bring you to the fore of investment activity.

San Francisco

Gregg LynnSotheby’s International Realty – San Francisco Brokerage

The global venture capital industry came of age in Silicon Valley, growing in size and sophistication through the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s to become the hotspot it is today. In 2021, the number of deals in the Bay Area alone exceeded 3,000 for the first time—and this exceptional downtown condo is within walking distance of San Francisco’s finance and technology centers.

That’s not all. The building is situated near Union Square, the Museum District, and Transbay Terminal. It also sports a full-service concierge team, exclusive lounge, observation terrace, bar and catering service, and world-class fitness center, among other amenities. But the true prize is the home itself, whose bedrooms, bathrooms, office, and kitchen are framed on all sides by windows that stretch from the floor all the way to the nine-foot ceilings.

New York

Cathy TaubSotheby’s International Realty – East Side Manhattan Brokerage

While Palo Alto has the highest startup density in the U.S.—leading some observers to wonder if such places are becoming over-crowded—analysts agree that New York City still has ample space for innovators to make their mark. This one-of-a-kind townhouse on the Upper West Side is ideal for any investor looking to participate in the city’s thriving venture capital space.

The entrance from the stoop leads to a spectacular entertainment parlor, living room, and bar, while the garden level opens to the fully-renovated kitchen. Above these, the primary suite has its own floor, with guest accommodations spanning two additional stories above. The home is bookended by a gorgeous deck and outdoor kitchen on the roof, along with fitness, gaming, and wine storage facilities in the cellar—all accessible by elevator. Together, these features total over seven stories of private luxury—an extreme rarity in Manhattan.


William MonteroGibson Sotheby’s International Realty

Here’s a fascinating fact: modern venture capital can trace its beginnings back to mid-1940s Boston. This city is the birthplace of the industry—and 80 years later, it’s still welcoming many of the world’s top founders and funders. This panoramic, 26th floor home showcases the best that this cosmopolitan center of venture capital has to offer, including four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and awe-inspiring views of Boston Harbor and the Charles River.

But there’s more to this property than meets the eye. Fully embracing the spirit of innovation, the condo is also a smart home embedded throughout with intuitive and sophisticated technology, along with a top-tier security system. All of this complements the high-end appliances that were brought in with its recent renovation.


Julie BiniaszRealogics Sotheby’s International Realty

The Seattle area has come into its own as a venture capital investment hub, and is now home to no fewer than 16 unicorns—ultra-rare startup successes that achieve a valuation of more than $1 billion. Those looking to stand at the forefront of this evolving technology and finance ecosystem might consider doing so from this scenic condo.

With 2,600 square feet overlooking views of Elliott Bay, Pike Place Market, Olympic National Forest, and the city skyline, this property offers a tranquil refuge. The luxurious primary suite, spa bathroom, gym, gardens, and skylounge all make this building a relaxing retreat to provide plenty of balance for an exciting city life in the heart of Seattle.

There has never been a better time to be a part of the venture capital industry in the U.S.—or to find a home in one of these thriving hubs.


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